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Madhusudan GroupMemo

Introducing Memo, the eco-friendly and high-performance product crafted through an innovative bi-component spinning process. Our exceptional yarn is meticulously created by combining high-grade PET and Bio-based PTT, derived from Corn Starch. This unique fusion results in a fabric that not only showcases excellent stretch and recovery properties but also takes significant strides towards sustainability. 

With Memo, you can embrace a greener future without compromising on performance. Join us in revolutionizing the textile industry with our environmentally conscious and versatile product.


• 37% Renewal plant-based ingredients in Sorona based Memo.
• Coil crimp structure after processing imparts stretch properties.
• Quick dry feature for excellent moisture management.

Available Specs:
75D/**F (DTY/ATY) 150D/**F (DTY/ATY)