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Our MottoI AM

For generating values in the lives of our customers with quality, consistency, and commitment towards providing complete satisfaction.

For being a trendsetter in the ever-evolving industry and creating healthy competition, keeping the integrity and ethical working standard intact.

For playing a role in lifting the people working with us, society, and the nation.

Madhusudan GroupAbout Us

At the Madhusudan Group, we excel in two distinct verticals: textile and healthcare. In the textile domain, we are a vertically-integrated conglomerate involved in every aspect of the industry, including Yarn Manufacturing, Yarn Dyeing, Weaving and Knitting, Fabric Processing, Printing, Value-Addition, and the production of garments and Corporate Wear. Our expertise spans over five decades, during which we have consistently aimed for excellence and surpassed customer expectations.

In addition to our textile endeavors, the Madhusudan Group also operates in the healthcare sector. Committed to making a positive impact on humanity, we actively work towards the well-being of others. Through continuous research and innovation, we contribute to the larger healthcare landscape, striving to enhance the quality of life and address critical healthcare needs.

Whether in textiles or healthcare, the Madhusudan Group remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, driven by a deep-seated commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

About madhusudan Group
We have worked for you
since 1975


As a global textile and healthcare leader, we aspire to be the one-stop shop for supplying an entire range of goods to our consumers in all parts of the world while also focusing on the health and well-being of everyone.


The mission of our company is to create value for our customers by providing them with superior quality products and exceptional service, every day.

Vision Mission

Delivering customer satisfaction to 30+ countries

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Started our journey with a trading set-up in Pipariya (MP) for wholesale of various textile fabrics.Our Journey 

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