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Madhusudan GroupSprim

Sprim is a type of polyester yarn that is composed of high-quality PET polyesters in bi-component spinning. This innovative technology allows for the creation of a unique spring structure within the yarn, resulting in fabric with comfortable stretch and drape. Sprim yarn is perfect for creating garments that require flexibility and ease of movement, such as activewear or dancewear. 

Additionally, the use of differential polymers in the production of Sprim makes it an eco-friendly choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. Overall, Sprim is a versatile and sustainable option for creating comfortable and stylish clothing.


• Stretch function from spring Like structure.
• Good drapery and resilience.
• Excellent elastic recovery.

Available Specs:
.75D/**F (FDY) . 150D/**F (FDY)

Knitwear Jacket
Suits Jacket (Women)
Suits Jacket (Men)

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