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Madhusudan GroupBrem

Introducing Brem, an innovative series of yarn designed to revolutionise the textile industry. With its unique characteristics, Brem aims to replace traditional wool and provide an enhanced fabric experience.

One of its standout features is the latent crimp stretch property, which offers exceptional comfort stretch. This allows the fabric to effortlessly adjust to the wearer’s movements, ensuring a comfortable and flexible fit.

By utilizing Brem yarn, designers and manufacturers can create garments and textiles that exude elegance and sophistication. The dry touch, stretch, and excellent drapery properties of Brem enable the creation of fabrics with a high-end finish, appealing to fashion-forward consumers.


•  Latent crimp Characteristics for Comfort Stretch.
• Volume and Bulkiness of two different Yarn Combinations.
• Luxurious fabric look due to Wool replacement.

Available Specs:
130D/**F (DTY) .180D/**F (DTY)

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